Rumor related to a possible conflict between students at UHS today has been investigated and determined not credible. As a precaution, an increased/extended law enforcement presence is assigned at the school. DCSD and RPD encourage reporting concerns to authorities.
about 22 hours ago, Mike Ross
Duchesne County School District has been made aware that some families are not receiving district notifications. Please check your PowerSchool settings to ensure contact information is current. Also, you can download the DCSD app and enable notifications.
about 22 hours ago, Mike Ross
Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Hats off to Reading
1 day ago, James Sasser
Hats off to Reading
Roosevelt Junior High School administration and Roosevelt Police Department (RPD) investigated Wednesday a rumor related to a possible conflict between students. Investigations determined the rumor was not credible. As a precaution, an extended law enforcement presence will be assigned at the school Thursday. DCSD and RPD encourage reporting concerns to authorities regarding student and school safety.
2 days ago, Mike Ross
Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you to all of those who participated in our poster contest.
5 days ago, James Sasser
K-2 winners
3-5 Winners
6-8 winners
High School Winners
Skip school today, feel lost in class tomorrow.
9 days ago, James Sasser
Skip today, feel lost in class tomorrow.
If you are looking for something fun to do this weekend. Come join us at Union High School's Indoor Facility for the Boy's Tennis Team pickleball fundraiser.
10 days ago, James Sasser
Boys tennis Team Fundraiser Flyer
There is no app to replace your lap.
16 days ago, James Sasser
There is No APP to replace your lap!
Absences Adds Up
23 days ago, James Sasser
Absences Add Up
UHS Boy's Tennis Team Pickleball Fundraiser Tournament Signup here
25 days ago, James Sasser
UHS Logo
Love Reading
30 days ago, James Sasser
Love Reading
Reading Every Day
about 1 month ago, James Sasser
Reading Every Day
We would like to express deep appreciation to the Union High School Choir for their tremendous performance at the Utah School Board Association banquet in Salt Lake City. They really were great and represented our community with great dignity.
about 2 months ago, Jason Young
The DCSD secondary music PLC team is so excited about this opportunity we have planned for musicians in the Duchesne County area! We happy to announce that Basin Nation Concert Series is back again. Please see the flyer for more details.
about 2 months ago, Tom Felkins
Basin Nation concert series
District wide poster contest! KINDERGARTEN - 12TH GRADE Visit to access the application.
about 2 months ago, James Sasser
DCSD Poster Contest
Duchesne County School District (DCSD) wishes to inform its public that our community schools are safe. DCSD has been made aware of a generic, hoax email claiming there are explosives inside of every school. No specific school or district name was mentioned in the email. Other school districts in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming have received the same email in the past 24 hours. Officials of DCSD have been in contact with local law enforcement who will be vigilant throughout the school day. Again, at this point, DCSD has not received the hoax email or any information of its schools experiencing any reports of threats. All other known incidents in other district locations have been deemed non-credible following investigations.
3 months ago, James Sasser
Duchesne County School District will be destroying confidential special education records of students born in the year of 1996. In accordance with federal statutes, each student’s records may be considered “no longer needed to provide educational services” and may be destroyed after the student turns 27 years old. Unless otherwise requested by parents, guardians, or former students of legal age, special education records, which meet the prescribed requirements, will be destroyed after January 5, 2024. Several reasons exist for destroying these records. Most obvious is the storage problem that would be created by keeping such bulky records indefinitely. Another reason is the need to maintain confidentiality when continued existence of the outdated records serves little or no logical purpose. Finally, even for persons with legitimate interests in the student’s status, such outdated records may be potentially misleading when considering current functioning. Parents, guardians, and former students of legal age may request copies of any special education records on file. Anyone with questions regarding this policy and its implementation may contact Janalee Goodrich at 725-4500
3 months ago, James Sasser
Disposal of Special Education Records
Open Enrollment begins December 1, 2023 for students living outside of Duchesne County
3 months ago, James Sasser
Open enrollment for DCSD
Hoilday Reading-Challenge for kids
3 months ago, James Sasser
Holiday Reading- Challenge for kids
180 school days per year for learning
3 months ago, James Sasser
See you at school