Duchesne County

Duchesne County School District is a small, rural school district located in scenic Eastern Utah. Duchesne County, gateway to the Uintah Basin, is home to about 5300 students in fourteen schools located in six rural communities. We have seven elementary schools, three high schools, one junior high school, one K-12 school, one special school, and one online school. We are able to provide quality educational programs and enjoy good relationships with Utah State University Branch Campus and Uintah Basin Applied Technology College. We also utilize a distance learning network to provide curriculum to our more isolated schools. An ongoing project of the district is to provide modern, safe, and efficient facilities in a pleasant and positive learning environment.


The fundamental purpose of D.C.S.D. is to assure that all students achieve at high academic levels. This must be embedded into the day-to-day practice throughout the entire District.


The vision of D.C.S.D. is for professional learning communities to develop a guaranteed and viable curriculum that is both commonly paced and commonly assessed in which student mastery of essential standards is measured by frequent common formative assessments in order to intervene and extend student learning.

Superintendent Announcement
Picture of Jason Young

The Board of Education is pleased to announce that Jason Young has been appointed Superintendent of Schools for Duchesne County School District. Having completed a search for candidates from outside and inside the District, the Board is confident he is well qualified to lead the District.  Jason has a great passion for the education of our students and brings a wealth of experience having served for many years as a teacher, principal, and curriculum director.We look forward to many successful years working together

Board of Education

Duchesne County School District

Staff of DCSD and Families of Duchesne County:

I am honored with the opportunity to be the next Superintendent of Duchesne County School District. I appreciate Superintendent Brotherson and all his hard work over most of his lifetime to make our schools great. We all wish him the very best.

I am thrilled with the privilege of working closely with all of you to help our youth grow into happy and successful citizens of our great nation. I will do all I can to help each student master the academic standards and grow in character. I have a deep respect for our students, custodians, food service employees, teachers, administrators, bus drivers, maintenance workers, substitutes, technology, and support staff. We have great people working for DCSD and I am thrilled with the privilege to work alongside each of you.

Literacy will be our top priority.  The ability to comprehend what you read and to think critically about the content being presented is of vital importance in a world with so many voices. All of us are either learning to read well or becoming well read. We will maintain an intense focus on the time-honored fundamentals of reading, writing, and arithmetic. We will also expect high achievement in STEM, communications, the arts, healthy living, American citizenship, and career/technical education. We place a high value on developing the universal traits of integrity, responsibility, hard work, resilience, service, and respect. We will promote positive, nurturing classrooms that use the most effective teaching methods which empower the students of today to be prepared for tomorrow.

Jason Young

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