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Ages and Stages Preschool Screener: If you are interested in enrolling your child in the DCSD Preschool, please fill out the ASQ Survey. (If you are concerned about your child's behavior then complete both the ASQ-3 and ASQ-3 SE-2.) ASQ Links:

Duchesne County School District Preschool Locations and Services

10 months ago

Rookies Ready To Learn: DCSD will provide school readiness materials, strategies, and support for parents, community members and private preschool providers. Located at EES
Unlike any other kindergarten readiness program in the nation.  UPSTART gives families a free, easy-to-use, online, at-home kindergarten readiness program that, used with a traditional pre-K program or on its own, will start their children on the path to success in school.  The UPSTART curriculum is provided by Waterford Institute & consists of using the program 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  If interested in enrolling please contact Stacey Price & 435-630-4311, duchesne, or call 1-800-669-4533. to speak with Waterford Institute.   

 (Preschool Begins on September 9th, 2019)

Duchesne County School District Preschool Locations:
Con Amore School
   325 E Main
Myton, Utah 84052
Phone: 435-725-4750
8:30 am - 11:00 am
11:30 am - 1:50 pm

Duchesne Elementary School
198 W 300 N
Duchesne, Utah 84021
Phone: 435-738-1290
Time:      11:45 pm - 2:45 pm

East Elementary School
700 E 400 N
Roosevelt, Utah 84066
Phone: 435-725-4665

8:20 am - 11:10 am
12:00 pm - 2:53 pm

Child Find Dates
Preschool Child Find Dates

Child Find is a legal requirement that schools find all children who have disabilities and who may be entitled to special education services. If you would like your child considered for special education, go to, look under DCSD Preschool, Find ASQ Screener, and fill out the screener for your child. The results will be reviewed and you will be contacted. If your child needs further testing, we will set up an appointment to do the required testing.

Child Find is held at Con Amore
325 E Main St, Myton, Utah

Child Find Dates 2019-2020
Aug 21
Aug 22
Aug 23
Sep 13
Oct 11
Nov 8
Dec 13
Jan 10
Feb 14
Mar 13
Apr 10
May 1
May 8
May 15

Private Preschool Providers (If you have a private preschool and would like to be added to this list call 725-4750) Duchesne County School District​ is not affiliated ​​with any private preschool provider​ or liable for their actions​. All private preschools operate independently​ of DCSD.​
Shaylene Gilbert 454-4700 or 722-7660

Stephanie Duncan 724-8115

Sherma Witbeck 454-3385

Bridgett Ewell 646-3830
Tasha Stansfield 646-3271

Terresa Guest 630-0995
Stacey Price 630-4311
Jessica Lym 801-310-4777

Jamie Hartle 247-2285

Mountain Home: (3-4 yr. olds)
DeAnna Farnsworth 823-5249
Malorie Miles 733-0306

Lori Olsen 353-4568

Amanda Adams 725-0061
Jessica Anderton 722-2558
Diana Edington 724-2505
Kelsie Kowallis 435-512-5064
Shirlene Law 722-1722
Suzanne Maddocks 801-787-7047
Kathleen Marshall 722-4663
April Merrell 724-0730
Lana Muir 401-0709
Jeri Young 722-4297

Launnie Jordan 848-5313