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Online Education
New legislation allows eligible students in grades 9-12 with the option to take up to two high school credits of online education each year as part of their regular schedule. Online courses, combined with regular courses, may not exceed the number of courses taken during a regular school day. These courses are at no cost to the student (except for some possible class fees) and are funded by the USOE by withholding state funding from your school/district. Parents assume the responsibility for the students during the released time from the school day. To begin this process, a student must fill out the online application and the school counselor must submit a CCA (Course Credit Acknowledgement) form to the USOE. A student may apply for this program by clicking on the school link below and then clicking on the Apply link. Other information and providers can be found by clicking on the link to the Public Education Online home page.
Student Driver Education
Student Driver Education is provided to students of Duchesne County School District. While registrations are completed through the schools, the class and driving time may be provided before or after school hours. Please contact the driver's education instructors for more information, or visit the school sites.

Online Driver Education Class:

Altamont High School-Kurt Loertscher
(435) 738-1203

Duchesne High School—Don Hill (738-1274)

Tabiona High School—Kurt Loertscher (738-1203)

Union High School—Dave Price (725 -4532)

District Driver Education Coordinator:
Scott Forsyth (725-4520)
Internet Safety Information
The safety of our students is very important to us. In the Internet Safety Blocks you will find information and resources pertaining to the Utah Child Protection Registry & NetSafe Utah.

The Child Protection Registry is a free service provided by the State of Utah to keep adult products e-mails out of your household.

It's fast, free, secure, and only takes three easy steps to help protect your household from inappropriate e-mails:
Visit the Internet website:
Click "Register Your Household's Email Addresses"
Enter any e-mail addresses used by your household.

The NetSafe Utah project web site has a number of video and online resources available for parents and children, too.