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DCSD Elementary Math Contest
Tech Fair Sign-ups
2019 Elementary Math Contest
E3 Recipient
E3 Recipient
Megan Eschler East Elementary
Utah Retirement Systems Visiting May 15, 2019
Utah Retirement Systems Visiting May 15, 2019
Utah Retirement Systems will be available for one-on-one retirement planning sessions at the Duchesne County School District Office Building in the Conference Room on Wednesday, May 15, 2019. See the instructions below to register for an appointment. Appointments fill quickly so don’t delay. However, counseling sessions are available at other locations that are also listed on the URS website.
1. Go to
2. Log into your myurs account by clicking on LOGIN in the upper right corner of the screen.
3. Click on the Education Tab.
4. Click on “Individual Retirement Planning Sessions”.
5. Find the session that works best for you. Select the session to reserve your appointment.
6. Please be sure to bring your estimated annual salary (if close to retirement include your 3 or 5 highest years), any retirement plan balances outside of URS, and your Social Security statement (get yours at
Utah High School IT Competition
Utah High School IT Competition
A 2-day event open to all high school students 9-12. Prizes include pins, trophies, scholarships, gift cards and Salt Lake gaming Con passes.
State Board Presentation
State Board Presentation
Leaders of Duchesne County School District were recently highlighted and invited to present information to the Utah State Board of Education. The following is an excerpt from the invitation:
“The State Board would like to do an Education Highlight on literacy. I am reaching out to ask if Duchesne would be willing to highlight the great efforts your district has made in improving literacy over the past year. Your district showed more than a 10% gain on the percentage of students making typical or better progress in the 2017-18 school year. This is one of the largest gains in the state.
Given my experience in your district, I expect that you will continue to see gains given the strategies your district is employing and would love to highlight your work with our Board so that they, and those who have the pleasure of listening in or attending, can learn from your experience.”

Pictured: Jennifer Throndsen, Utah State Literacy Director; Sidnee Dickson, Utah State Superintendent; Dave Brotherson, Duchesne County School District Superintendent; Scott Neilson, Utah State Board of Education member - District 13; Jason Young, Duchesne County School District Curriculum Director.
Union Volleyball Defeats Uintah 5-4
Union Volleyball Defeats Uintah 5-4
Union High beats Uintah in a close match
Picture Thanks to Uintah Basin Standard

Prospective Teachers & Recruitment 

9 months ago

Great Corporate Culture

Not only is DCSD the best in the world it also cares about it's amazing teachers as well.

Amazing Family Community

Bigger isn't always better the small community makes it feel just like you are at home with the family.

Plethora of Recreational Activities

Being close to so many places gives DCSD a huge variety of activities both indoor and outdoor.

Teachers running a 5K


UBIC Mud Run 

By Michael North

Uinta Mountains located in Duchesne County

Great Shot of Moon Lake near Altamont UT

Stunning View of Roosevelt Aquatic Center